Business Tax

Proactive advice at the right time is the key to minimising the tax burden for businesses of all sizes.

All our clients rely on us to provide advice in the increasingly complex world of tax law. The Bibbys team has the experience and expertise to deliver fast responsive tax advice. Our request is that you tell us before you make changes, rather than after so that we can advise on the most tax efficient strategy. The business tax services include:

  • Capital Tax planning for sole traders, partnerships and corporate entities.
  • Corporation Tax planning and compliance.
  • Income planning, including employee benefits, dividends and salaries.
  • Group tax planning.
  • Pre-sale planning.
  • Use of share options and employee benefit schemes.
  • Tax investigations (including the provision of fee protection insurance).
  • Succession and cessation planning.
  • Dealing with Income and Corporation Tax Enquiries and Aspect Enquiries.AUDITING

Bibbys has full approval to conduct statutory audits. The skill and experience of our audit teams ensure that your business will be audited in accordance with UK and International auditing standards. Many clients rely on us to ensure that their accounts comply with all the rapidly changing rules in this area. Our knowledge and expertise enables us to provide this service, in a timely and efficient manner.

In addition to statutory audits, we can also provide auditing assurance for clients who wish to demonstrate that they have prepared their accounts in line with best practice. Typically, this assists with banking arrangements and pre-sale negotiations.

Bibbys are happy to undertake specialist ‘Client Money’ work where certificates have to be submitted to a professional body.